Runaway Love:
Rachel Barrell (Soprano), Colin Zammit (Baritone) and Alex Hassan (piano)
Shellwood SWCD39

This sequel to SWCD28 'Honeymoon For Three' adds another 24 of Billy Mayerl's top show songs to the list of modern recreations by Shellwood. The incomparable Alex Hassan is joined by Rachel Barrell and Colin Zammit to produce a wonderfully idiomatic rendering of Billy's songs with Frank Eyton's lyrics adding the cherry on the cake.

Songs from the Shows:
Hand in Glove, I Feel So Safe with You, I've Got a Sweetie on the Radio, It's Not Fair, I Know Something That You Know, Song of the Fir Tree, Just a Little Love, A House on a Hill-Top, Over She Goes, Why Not- Madame?, Your Sunny Disposition and Mine, Miss Up-To-Date, While We're in Love, Valse Eugene, How D' You Like Your Eggs Fried?, Somebody Likes You!, I Love Cinderella, You're the Reason Why, Any Time- Any Place-Anywhere, Indispensable You, I Shan't Let You Out of my Sight, I'm at Your Service, Thank You Most Sincerely, Just Like a Cat with a Mouse.

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