Robots: Eric Parkin
Shellwood SWCD3

Look Lively ; Pianolettes: The Jazz Master; The Jazz Mistress, Eskimo Shivers
Three Contrasts: Ladybird, Pastoral, Fiddle Dance
Love in Bloom - (B.M. trans.) ; Honeymoon for Three - Medley
Darling, not without you - (B.M. trans.)
Pianolettes: All-of-a-Twist, Virginia Creeper, Jazzaristrix
In My Garden - Springtime: Cherry Blossom,Carpet of Yellow, April Showers
Sweet - (B.M. trans.) ; Head over Heels - Medley ; I Love Cinderella -(B.M. trans.)
In my Garden - Wintertime: Christmas Rose, The First Snowdrop, Evergreen
Robots, Waltz for a Lonely Heart, Fireside Fusiliers, Theme from Majestic Interlude

This disc also includes a hommage à Mayerl by Eric Parkin with the four pieces from
his Mayerl Shots - Set 4: Billy's Fancy, Chameleon, Marigold Lodge and Busy Lizzie

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