Honeymoon for Three:
Robert Petillo (Tenor), Alison Taffs (Mezzo-Soprano) and Alex Hassan (piano)
Shellwood SWCD28

Songs from the Shows:
You're Not Too Bad Yourself, Apart from Business, Steak and Kidney Pudding
It Must Be You, I Breathe on Windows, What ' You Going To Do?
There's a Star in the Sky, Two of Everything, Resting, Life is Meant for Love
Love was Born, Toodle-oo Sal, Never Stop Rainin' Blues
I'll build a Fence Around You, What Might Have Been, Nice to Know
What More Can I Do?, Pick Up the Rhythm, I'd Be Lost Without You
No Wonder Nobody Cares for Me, Would Yer?, Stranger in a Cup of Tea
Mine's a Hopeless Case, The Dance Goes On

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